In Honor of My Father

Here is My Dad's Book in electronic PDF format. The book cover is shown above.
If you are unable to view the PDF file of the book above, you may wish to download it from Google Documents via this link:

Alternate Book Presentation Format


Yet Another Alternate Presentation

This presentation is from Scribd. It doesn't offer the ability to quickly click through pages but , if you were wanting to read the book page by page, their format is pretty user-friendly. I haven't yet found a way to embed their code on this page so you will have to do the old-fashioned thing and click the link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/119543727/Best-Seat-in-the-House Here is the embed code below--if you click the full screen option in the lower right corner it's getting a large type version of the book!

Best Seat in the House by johnrobertparsons


Large File Alternative

Here are two different download sources for a 99 meg file of the book. The difference between the large file and the smaller 21 meg file presented above is that the larger file has MUCH more darker, readable type.

Rendering the type dark did also darken some of the photos but it brought much more detail to the graphics and diagrams in the center of the book. The 99 meg file will take awhile to download but it's worth it if you want to read the book on the computer and not strain your eyes.

Here is the link to the file as it sits in our Google Docs: 


This is a shortened version of the link above:


Here is an alternate site that might actually download quicker than Google Docs:


I welcome your feedback on how these files download and view on your computer, tablet or PDA.